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Why Do Viruses Decrease My Internet Speed?

If your computer has ever contracted a virus, then you may have noticed a sharp drop in your internet speed. Why does this happen? And what can you do to fix it? Let’s find out. Put simply, viruses decrease your internet speed because they need your bandwidth. They use your bandwidth for all sorts of evil purposes, like uploading illegal files online or infecting other computer users. Since most viruses are now transmitted through the internet, it’s easy to see why... Read more

Why Are Today’s Viruses So Dangerous?

Look on any antivirus website and it will tell you that today’s viruses are more dangerous than they have ever been in the past. Why is that? Is this some conspiracy to get you to buy antivirus software? Or are today’s viruses actually that dangerous? Whether you like it or not, the answer is a firm ‘yes’. Viruses in 2012 are more dangerous than they ever been in the past, and with more of our lives moving online every day, viruses... Read more

Top 3 Reasons to Use Antivirus Software in 2012

We all know how important antivirus software is to your PC’s security. However, in 2012, antivirus software is turning from a handy tool into a necessity. Today, more and more viruses are attacking PCs around the world, stealing their information and turning them into massive bot networks. If you want your personal information and files to stay safe, then you need to install good antivirus software. 3) You can’t just reinstall Windows or restore your PC to get rid of a... Read more