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The Ergonomic PC and You

Repetitive Strain – No Fun for All Ages When most people think about getting injured, the first thing they think of is generally not their computer desk. Repetitive strain injuries that come from making the same small movements (typing, sitting awkwardly, etc.) over-and-over again throughout the day are about as uninteresting as ‘getting hurt’ can get. But if you spend most of your workday in front of your computer, it’s something you should take seriously. Carpal tunnel, neck and back pain,... Read more

Why a Fast Computer is a Safe Computer

You’ve probably heard about programs that speed up your PC. There are disk defragmenters, registry cleaners, and internet optimizers that will all improve the performance of your PC. While you may use these programs simply for the performance boost, that’s not all good computer optimization programs do: they also make your PC as safe and secure as possible. Here are some of the reasons why fast computers are also safe computers: No viruses For your computer to run at its fastest, it needs... Read more

What is Overclocking?

If you’ve spent some time on PC repair and tech support websites, then you may have heard about something called ‘overclocking’. Overclocking is the act of pushing your computer’s hardware beyond its default settings in order to increase your performance. While it is a very effective way to make your computer run faster, it can also be dangerous. Today, we’re going to provide you with a basic guide on how to overclock your system in order to improve its performance. Which components... Read more

Using Windows Task Manager to Improve PC Performance

One of the most powerful – and overlooked – tools on a computer is the Windows Task Manager. It can be used to speed up your PC’s performance in so many different ways. Today, we’re going to teach you a few of the best ways to use Windows Task Manager to improve your computer’s performance. Eliminate unnecessary applications and processes The Windows Task Manager, by default, displays the Applications tab, which shows all programs that are currently running on your computer. This... Read more

Using the Disk Cleanup Tool in Windows 7

The disk cleanup tool is one of the most useful programs included in Windows 7. It scans your computer’s hard drives for unnecessary data, including temporary internet files, memory dump files, and more. Using this tool, you can not only free up space on your hard drive, but you can also increase the speed and performance of your computer. Today, we’re going to teach you how to get the most out of the disk cleanup tool in Windows 7. Using the disk... Read more

Top 6 Ways to Optimize your Laptop or Desktop Computer

We all want a fast computer, and if you want to squeeze as much performance as possible out of your existing hardware, then you need to learn how to effectively optimize your laptop or desktop computer. Today, we’re going to teach you our top 6 favorite ways to do just that. 6) Clean your registry Cleaning your registry on your own is virtually impossible. Thankfully, software companies make registry cleaners to do it for you. These useful tools scan your registry and... Read more

Top 6 Easiest Ways to Speed Up a Computer

If you’re like most people, then you enjoy working on a fast computer way more than you enjoy working on a slow one. Unfortunately, many people think that speeding up a computer requires years of computer experience and hundreds of dollars. These people are wrong. Today, we’re going to show you the top six easiest ways to improve your computer’s performance. 6) Clean your registry Many computer users are unaware that their computer has a registry, or what it even does. Essentially,... Read more

Top 5 Ways to Improve Laptop Performance

If you have a laptop, then you’re probably interested in learning how to speed it up. A fast laptop can make a world of difference in terms of productivity, and everybody can appreciate faster internet speeds. Here are just a few of the ways you can increase laptop performance: 5) Scan your laptop with a registry cleaner A registry cleaner can significantly improve your laptop’s performance. Every Windows PC has something called the registry that stores important configuration data about your operating... Read more

Top 5 Laptop Maintenance Tips

If you’re a laptop user, then you probably want your laptop to last for a long time. Using these top 5 maintenance tips, you can ensure that your PC lasts for years into the future. 5) Protect your screen Often, the first part of a laptop to go is the screen. You may drop it, trip over the power cord, or simply close it in an awkward way. In any case, you need to protect your screen if you want your laptop... Read more

Top 4 Ways to Improve your Laptop’s Battery Life

If you ask somebody to name one thing they don’t like about their laptop, they’ll often mention ‘battery life’. It seems like nobody is happy with the battery power of their laptop, and unless you have a netbook that lasts for 9 or 10 hours, we could all benefit from learning a few tips and tricks to improve your laptop’s battery power. 4) Keep it cool When laptops heat up, they often become less efficient. For that reason, the best way to... Read more