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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Why is my computer slower than when I first bought it? Every computer slows down over time. But why does that have to happen? Well, computer slowdowns occur for hundreds of different reasons. In some cases, a slow PC is infected with dangerous malware. In other cases, the hard drive is simply filled with junk files and other unnecessary data. Sometimes, slow PC problems affect your entire PC. You might notice that it takes several seconds to switch between... Read more

Must-have Overclocking Software

Man cannot overclock by hardware alone. Sure, your research has uncovered a video card or CPU that seems to have a good heat tolerance and performs well under titanic strain, but without these trusty diagnostic, stability and stress-testing programs you’ll be stuck at manufacturer recommended speeds. We can’t have that; let’s take a look a handful of OC’ers best friends. CPU-Z This French-made system profiler is should be in every OC’ers Programs folder. It’s free, updated regularly, easy to use and displays... Read more

Why You Should Avoid Free PC Software

The free software market is booming for PC users. Today, you can find free software for just about any purpose. While free software is great for some circumstances – like if you need an instant messaging program or a Bit Torrent client – it’s a bad idea to download free antivirus software and computer optimization programs. Why are free antivirus programs and free optimization programs a bad idea? Let’s find out. The program always expects something in return Unfortunately on the internet, very... Read more

What is cloud storage and why is it so important?

One of the biggest buzz words in the computer industry over the last few years has been ‘cloud storage’. If you haven’t already heard of it, cloud computing is a new form of data storage that allows you to keep your data files in an online location in order to be accessed by your smartphone, laptop, desktop PC, or whatever other internet-connected device you use. Any changes you make to these files will be reflected across all of your devices. Most... Read more

What Does a Registry Cleaner Do?

If you’ve been looking for computer optimization software lately, then you may have stumbled across tech experts who suggest you buy a registry cleaner. But what is the Windows Registry? And why does it need to be cleaned? Let’s find out. The Windows Registry is a folder filled with hundreds of thousands of files and entries. Each of these entries pertains to a specific application, process, or program on your computer. The entries keep track of any changes you have made... Read more

7 Easy-to-Use Addons that Will Improve Mozilla Firefox

If you’re a Firefox user, then you’ll love some of the plugins we’ve found for you today. For everything from ad blocking to programmer support, these addons will comprehensively improve the Firefox user experience. 7) StumbleUpon – Do you want to waste more time on the internet? Try installing the StumbleUpon toolbar and see how much work you get done. This minimalist addon creates a button under your address bar. Clicking on that button will take you to one of StumbleUpon’s... Read more

Top 3 Programs that Every Computer Should Have

Every computer user has unique preferences in terms of their computer’s appearance and programs. However, today, we’re going to teach you about 4 programs that everybody should have installed on their PC. Together, these programs form a powerful suite of performance and security enhancing tools. 3) Registry cleaner You may not know it, but the Windows Registry is one of the most important parts of your computer. It is constantly being accessed by your PC whenever you fire up a program or... Read more

The best 4 programs to run on an old PC

If you have an old PC in your house that no longer works as well as it’s supposed to, then you don’t have to give up on it just yet. In fact, using some of today’s best software, you can restore that PC to its former glory. Without further ado, here are the best 4 programs to run on an older PC in order to improve its speed and performance. 4) Clutter removal tool Clutter is a serious issue on old PCs. If... Read more

How to Watch HD Videos on your Computer

Once you’ve started watching videos in HD, it’s tough to go back to anything else. If you’re sick of watching standard resolution videos on your laptop or desktop computer, then we’re here to show you how to quickly and easily start watching HD videos. Follow these steps to start running HD videos on your computer Make sure your monitor is in HD resolution Before playing HD videos, you first need to make sure that your monitor has an HD resolution. Right click anywhere... Read more

How to Tweak Google Chrome

If you like a fast, lightweight internet browsing experience, then you may use Google Chrome. As one of the top three internet browsers in the world (alongside Firefox and Internet Explorer), Chrome is used by millions of people every day. Today, we’re going to show you some of the best tweaks you can perform with Google Chrome in order to speed up your internet and increase your browser’s functionality. Use more than one websites as your homepage In the old days of the... Read more