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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Why is my computer slower than when I first bought it? Every computer slows down over time. But why does that have to happen? Well, computer slowdowns occur for hundreds of different reasons. In some cases, a slow PC is infected with dangerous malware. In other cases, the hard drive is simply filled with junk files and other unnecessary data. Sometimes, slow PC problems affect your entire PC. You might notice that it takes several seconds to switch between... Read more

Overclocking for Dummies

What is Overclocking? You’ve probably seen discussions on PC gaming forums or read little blurbs at the bottom of CPU or graphics card reviews talking about ‘overclocking’, often shortened to ‘OCing’. Overclocking is essentially running a processor (either your CPU or the smaller graphics processor on your video card, called a GPU) faster than the manufacturer intended it to go. Why bother? OCing can turn a modestly-priced processor into a beast of a component, if handled correctly. Many overclockers squeeze this extra performance... Read more

Windows 7 Shortcuts

Looking for a comprehensive list of Windows 7 tips, tricks, and keyboard shortcuts? You’ve found it! Keep reading to find out how to get the most out of Windows 7. Windows key shortcuts Some of the most popular new Windows 7 shortcuts involve the Windows key. On most keyboards, the Windows key can be found to the lower left of the ‘Z’ key. Windows key + Spacebar:Makes all currently open Windows transparent, revealing the desktop beneath Windows key + Down arrow: Minimizes the currently... Read more

Tips and tricks of using the Windows 7 calculator

How many times have you opened and immediately closed the calculator application in Windows because it seemed too painstakingly difficult to operate?If that has happened to you, then there has never been a better time to learn how to use the Windows calculator to your advantage. Over the years, Microsoft has improved the calculator to make it more useful and accessible, and today, the calculator is as good as it has ever been. You can now use it for advanced scientific... Read more

Top 7 Reasons to Use PC Optimization Software

In today’s day and age, PC optimization has never been more important. Nobody wants to spend hundreds of dollars on a new computer when they don’t really need one, and computer repair bills can reach hundreds of dollars. With that in mind, here are the top 7 reasons why you should use cost-effective PC optimization software to solve any computer problems that you may have. 7) Ease of use Most PC optimization programs are designed to be used by even the most... Read more

The Importance of Keeping Drivers Up to Date

The drivers are some of the most important parts of your PC. Without a driver, your computer’s hardware wouldn’t be able to communicate with your operating system and the rest of your software, which would make your computer useless. In that sense, a driver is a small program that tells your computer how to best communicate with your video card, motherboard, sound card, and any other hardware devices you have installed. It makes communication between components faster, and allows users to... Read more

The Best Internet Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts

Do you want to get the most out of Windows Internet Explorer? Check out our top 10 favorite Internet Explorer shortcuts. Page navigation shortcuts: Navigating a page with a keyboard and a scrollbar can be painstaking and slow. Use these page navigation shortcuts to optimize your internet time: Spacebar – Scrolls down through webpages one screen at a time Shift+Spacebar –Scrolls up through webpages one full screen at a time Down/Up arrows – Scroll up and down a page End – Go to the very bottom... Read more

Improving your Wireless Internet Connection

Many people are frustrated by their computer’s poor wireless performance. If you’re one of those people who gets five bars of crystal clear internet anywhere in the house, then consider yourself lucky. For the rest of us, we could all use a boost to our wireless internet connection. Today, we’re going to show you some of the best ways to squeeze a little more power out of your computer’s internet signal. Update your router’s firmware If you’re a smart PC user, then you... Read more

How to unlock the administrator account in Windows 7

An administrator account is created by default during the installation of Windows 7. Or, if you have an OEM system, then the administrator account has already been set up. However, if you lose access to this account (like if you lose your password), then you may have trouble changing around your computer’s settings. The administrator account gives the user complete access to the system’s most important settings. It allows you to easily install or uninstall programs, for example, as well as... Read more

How to Speed up Windows 7

If you’re like millions of PC users around the world, then you have Windows 7 installed on your computer. Windows 7 is a huge upgrade from previous versions of Windows in terms of both performance and security, but sometimes, you may want to squeeze a little extra performance out of your system. Today, we’re going to teach you a few of the best ways to speed up your Windows 7 operating system. Traditional Windows upgrades Just like any computer, you can speed... Read more