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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why is my computer slower than when I first bought it?

Every computer slows down over time. But why does that have to happen? Well, computer slowdowns occur for hundreds of different reasons. In some cases, a slow PC is infected with dangerous malware. In other cases, the hard drive is simply filled with junk files and other unnecessary data.

Sometimes, slow PC problems affect your entire PC. You might notice that it takes several seconds to switch between program windows, for example, or your internet browser might take far longer than usual to load a webpage. In other cases, slow PC problems only affect one aspect of your PC. Your computer might take a long time to start up, for example.

How do I speed up my PC?

This is a question we get a lot at PC Helper 360. How can an average PC user like me speed up a PC? Fortunately, speeding up a computer is easier than most people think. And it doesn’t even take a significant investment of time or money.

Thanks to world-class software like PC Helper 360, speeding up a PC is as easy possible. Simply download the program, then hit the ‘Scan’ button. PC Helper 360 will begin to instantly search through your computer for problems. It will seek out malware problems, optimize system settings, and do all of the other things that it takes to speed up a PC.

Is speeding up a computer difficult?

There are literally thousands of different ways to speed up a computer’s performance. Some of these methods are difficult and complicated, while others can be done by anybody. For example, most computer users can delete large files that they no longer use – like HD videos – or uninstall old software programs.

However, not all computer users might know how to remove programs from the startup queue or manually scan their registry. That’s why PC Helper 360 wants to help – it makes fixing computer problems as simple as possible. Whether you’re a novice PC user or an expert, PC Helper 360 is a fantastic way to optimize system performance.

What is the Windows Registry?

The Windows Registry is one of the most important parts of your PC. It keeps track of all the programs and applications users have installed on their systems. The Windows Registry is huge, and it contains hundreds of thousands of important files. Since manually scanning the registry would take weeks, PC Helper 360 includes a powerful registry cleaner that will instantly scan the registry for any problems. This can speed up PC performance reduce the number of errors experienced while using the computer.

How do I make my computer start up more quickly?

If you’re sick of waiting several minutes for your computer to start up in the morning, then there is an easy solution to your problem – install PC Helper 360. PC Helper 360 will optimize your computer’s boot times and clean up the hard drive, which means Windows will be able to find the files it needs as quickly as possible.

Another way to speed up your computer’s startup times is to remove applications from the boot sequence. To do this, simply open a Windows ‘Run’ command and type in msconfig. Then, navigate to the Startup tab and deselect any programs that you no longer use. Press ‘OK’ and those programs will no longer load when your PC starts up.

Is speeding up my PC expensive?

This is one of the most popular questions we get here at PC Helper 360. The truth is – speeding up your PC can be as expensive or cheap as you like. However, in many cases, the best ways to speed up your PC can be found for under $50. From free error fixing tips to easy ways to clean your hard drive, speeding up your PC is certainly not expensive. In any case, spending $50 on PC optimization software is nothing compared to spending hundreds or even thousands on a new computer.

How do I speed up my internet?

There are two general ways to speed up your internet. First, you can call your Internet Service Provider and ask for an upgraded plan. Or second, you can fix the problems that exist on your own computer. Even upgrading your internet service plan is no guarantee that you will notice faster speeds. If the problems on your own computer are too serious, then it doesn’t matter how fast your internet connection is.

To speed up your internet, you can try removing temporary internet files from your hard drive. These files can be a major source of browser slowdowns. Viruses and malware could also hijack your computer’s connection to cause noticeable slowdowns. In any case, PC Helper 360 will tackle these problems at the source and work to speed up your internet connection.

I barely know how to check my email. Can I still use PC Helper 360?

One of the best features of PC Helper 360 is its usability. A lot of work has gone into making the program as easy to use as possible. The program itself is incredibly powerful, but the interface that users access is very simple. In fact, if you can click the left-mouse button, you won’t have any trouble downloading and installing PC Helper 360. This is why the program is so popular among both tech gurus and tech newbies.

How many times can I use PC Helper 360 after I buy it?

After purchasing PC Helper 360, users receive an unlimited license. They can scan their computers with the program as many times as they would like. In fact, we recommend users scan their computers at least once or twice per month using PC Helper 360. This will allow PC Helper 360 to clean up any new malware threats while optimizing PC performance.

Is PC Helper 360 compatible with my system?

PC Helper 360 is designed to work on just about any computer built in the last decade. It can be installed on computers running Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Whether your computer is just a few months old or it’s been running for several years, PC Helper 360 can help unlock maximum performance. PC Helper 360’s low system requirements ensure that users will have no trouble running it even on the most basic types of computers.

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