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Do you want to get the most out of Windows Internet Explorer? Check out our top 10 favorite Internet Explorer shortcuts.

Page navigation shortcuts:

Navigating a page with a keyboard and a scrollbar can be painstaking and slow. Use these page navigation shortcuts to optimize your internet time:

Spacebar – Scrolls down through webpages one screen at a time

Shift+Spacebar –Scrolls up through webpages one full screen at a time

Down/Up arrows – Scroll up and down a page

End – Go to the very bottom of a webpage

Alt+Right arrow key – Go to the next page

Alt+Left arrow key – Go back to the previous page

Tab shortcuts

If you like having multiple tabs open at the same time, then these shortcuts will help.

Ctrl+T– Open a tab in a new window

Ctrl+Q – Open thumbnail views of all currently open tabs

Ctrl+Tab – Navigate to the next open tab

Ctrl+Shift+Tab–Navigate to the previous open tab

Ctrl+K – Open the same tab twice

Ctrl+(any number) – Open the tab corresponding to that number on your browser window. For example, if you wanted to open the 6th tab, you would press Ctrl+6. Keep in mind that you cannot open any double digit tabs with this shortcut, as you can’t press Ctrl+12.

General shortcuts

Here are a few shortcuts to open some of Internet Explorer’s most popular features like the bookmarks and history menus, among other things.

F5 – Automatically reload the page you’re on

Ctrl+F5 – Delete the cache of the current webpage and then reload (this is a full reload)

Alt+L – Open the address bar, where you can then type in a URL

Ctrl+Plus/Minus – Increase or decrease the font size of the text on your current webpage

Ctrl+P – Print the webpage that you are currently looking at

Ctrl+H – Open the history menu

Ctrl+D – Add current webpage to your Favorites/Bookmarks list

Ctrl+I– Open the Favorites menu on the left side of your screen. Here, you can customize which favorites you want to be displayed, which allows you to easily navigate to your most frequently visited webpages.

Ctrl+B – Organize your Favorites in a new window

Ctrl+Shift+I – Pin your Favorites menu to the left side of your screen. This will be fixed in location until you press this keyboard shortcut again.

F11 – Open full-screen mode. This is very useful if you’re navigating through a large webpage, or if you’re on a smaller computer with a limited resolution.

Ctrl+J– Open the download manager, which allows you to easily cancel, restart, or open a downloaded item.

Ctrl+Alt+P – This opens a private browsing window, which means your history, cookies, and temporary internet files will not be saved.

Alt+N– Opens a new feature called the ‘Notification’ bar. Once open, you can either press enter to hit the first notification button, or escape to close out of the menu.

F12 – Opens a new Internet Explorer feature called the developer console. This is only available on IE9 and above.


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